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The eyes – The life of the bird is in the eyes. We use realistic acrylic bird eyes for all of our birds. Quite frankly a lot of Taxidermists use decoy eyes for their birds,  which yield a very unrealistic look. We install what are called "Eye rings" on all of our birds. An "Eye ring" is afleshy ring that is attached to the eyelids. We rebuild this in our birds so that your bird will have a very realistic look to the eye.

The position – The position, attitude, and shape in bird's bodies and wings is a critical part of making a bird look realistic. We put attitude and "Movement" into our birds so that your bird will look like it is real and flying or standing or whatever the pose may be, and we also make sure the pose realistically showcases the most colorful parts of the bird such as the head and wings. We make the bird's bodies, wings, legs, tails, necks, and heads the proper shape for the particular pose they're in to ensure a realistic look.

The feather patterns and alignment – All birds have a very unique pattern to how their feathers are laid out on their body. Feathers are nothing like hair – feathers are literally like shingles on a roof. We specialize in making sure that these feathers lay properly to ensure a very smooth, soft, and realistic look to your bird.





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